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Would you like to attract the best talents to your company, use the entire innovative strength of your workforce and stay one step ahead of your competition?

Career and income processes that promote gender equality make it possible. Equality-oriented companies are more attractive for the employees of tomorrow, have demonstrably increased innovative strength and achieve better performance.

Utilise 100 percent of your potential!

We support your company professionally, confidentially and completely free of charge as part of our consulting project.


This initiative is financed by the European Social Fund and the Federal Ministry for Labor.

Your Benefits

100 Percent strengthens the resilience of your company and creates economic advantages.

employer branding

Transparency and fairness are signifiers of modern employers and increase attractiveness.

motiviation & loyalty

Comprehensible and fair career and income processes promote employee satisfaction.

competitive advantages

The use of diverse ideas, talents and experiences increases your company's ability to defend against crisis.

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